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Race to world first: why do people play MMO's?

Kyderra, Dec 12, 11 10:33 AM.

much watch guys and girls, check it out while it's still free

Raiding list

Kyderra, Dec 4, 11 5:43 AM.
Ragnaros-Dragon soul                                                           Firelands
Coregroup:                                                                                 Casualgroup:
______________________________ Tank: _________________________________
Misem                                                                                             Sebra
Huxi                                                                                         Brahm
_______________________________Dps: _________________________________
Silku                                                                                                 Kilroy
Rambo                                                                                             Affed
Kwak                                                                                            Lolonda
Rayeha                                                                                        Notappearing
                                                                                                   +4 dps
+1dps                                                                                         +2 healers
                                                                                                   +1 tank

    +raidleader except Ray &Nec

Core:                                                                                             Casual:                                                
7pm-10.30pm                                                                           7pm-10.00(30)pm
Sunday, Thuesday, Thursday.                                             Monday and Wednesday.

All members of Causal and Core group can jump in and help if needed for raids! Make sure u sign up! We are now going to recruit after this list and expect that guild members tell Necrid or Me (Rayeha) if you want any changes! When you raid remember raid rules, your team and times Or else you might lose your spot in your team! Enjoy!

The list so far

Kyderra, Nov 28, 11 6:27 AM.
Core Raider 
Carina-Ray : Resto druid / Feral os
Silviee : Resto druid / Moonkin os
Húxi : Prot Paladin / Resti os
Suria : Balance Druid / Resto os
Lolonda : Holy Priest / Shadow 
Silkuu : Arcane Mage / Fire
Ilrina : Servival hunter / Marksman
Rambo : Elemetal Shaman
Misem : Feral Tank Druid / Feral dps
Acernor : Marksman

Necrid / Alts :  any spec needed for the raids
Notappearing : Holy Paladin
Reyeha / Alts : Dps or healing
Brahm / Protection / Retribution

Casual Raider:
Affed : Marksman Hunter
Kilroý  : Fury Warrior / Arms
Sebra : Fury Warrior / Prot 

Core or Casual raider

Kyderra, Nov 27, 11 5:17 AM.

So, you wish to be a raider, but what type?

We are making two raid groups: one for Casual raiding and one that will be our core raid group.
The Casual will start with BWD, BOT and 4 winds until u are ready for Firelands.
Coregroup will continue with Firelands.

< You can post this apply in the comment section, or on the forums >
1. Are you applying to be a Core raider or casual raider?

2. Which days of the week can u play (every week)?

3. How late can u stay online when u raid? (be honest)

4. You sign up and don’t show up in time without telling us, if this happens twice we will demote u from trial/raider to
 social we assume you agree with these terms?

5. Pretty basic, do you have problems with DC or other problems that might interrupt the raid?

6. If you wanna raid we want you to use vent every raid with guild we do, so are you gonna use vent?

7. What specc are u both MS/OS?

8. And if we need you in OS in one raid but you can still roll for your MS, would you mind?

9. Are you a good listener that can follow Instructions?

When you have answered these questions with honesty we assume u are ready to be a raider if the answers look good and your English is good sense u need to know what we are saying in raids

Make sure u have gear for the raid group you applied to, If you are not sure, leave a armory link below in the comment section. 

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